• Diamond shaped encaustic cement tiles in bathroom London

    Ref L103, colours N+GM+GPL+LM+B

    • Rhombus encausti tiles patchwork living room Manchester

      Patchwork 20x11,54 Plain, colours B+G1+GM+N+B2

    • Rhombus shaped encaustic cement tiles bathroom UK

      Ref L102, colours B+GL

    • Modern Diamond encaustic tiles corridor UK

      Diamond patchwork

  • Diamond

    NEW! Diamond tiles
    The rhombus « Diamond » asymmetric between length and width and its pointed shape allows the creation of patterns around an axis, different from patterns for squares or hexagons.
    This “Diamond” shape, new in encaustic cement tiles, is mastered by MOSAIC´s factory, which manufactures them in size 35x20 (28,3 tiles/m2) and 20x11.5.
    The simulator has 30 "Diamond” designs to compose with the cement colours of your choice; we will manufacture them in 5 weeks.
  • Diamond in STOCK
  • Create your diamond tile
    with the SIMULATOR