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Laying cement tiles
how to protect cement tiles
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Frequent errors, questions / answers
Cleaning with a fibre disc
What size should the joints be?
Do not use dyed cement for grouting
Cement tile cutting
Acid and alcali products
Cement tile sealer – covers pores – for tiles

Tile installation
- Cement tiles must be installed on a well levelled, clean and dry surface. Humid subsoil will cause fur deposits on the tile’s surface.
- Apply the adhesive evenly on the surface, using a large-toothed comb trowel. Also apply adhesive on the back of the tile.
- Position the tiles with your hands – without hammering – leaving a thin gap (1 or 2 mm, thickness of a filling-knife) for the joint.
- Once tiles installed and the cement adhesive dry, clean the surface by scrubbing it and clear with water. It will remove the thin layer of pigmented dust that can still cover the tiles.
- Never use dyed cement joint filler; pigments from the joint might stain the tiles irreversibly.
- Fill the gap between the tiles using a filling-knife, without spreading the cement joint filler on tiles.
- The cement joint filler surplus must be cleaned immediately with a wet cloth/sponge.
- Never use acid (cement dissolver) to remove the excess or stains of cement joint filler.

- Mosaic Sealer is a solvent based sealer that limits water and oil penetration.
- Mosaic Sealer impregnates the tile, reduces its porosity and keeps its natural matt aspect.
- It must be applied with a brush or a roller on a dry and clean surface. One or more successive applications until the tile is saturated.
- Do not apply too much. The excess would leave glistening stains on the surface (brush traces).
- Always try the sealer on a loose tile before applying it on the entire surface, in order to measure the grade of absorption of the tiles.
- Clean with natural soap and water.
- Never clean with harsh detergents, acid or alkaline.
- The toughest stains can be smoothed out by scrubbing with an abrasive like Scotch Brite and/or a solvent.
Heavy traffic floors
Bars, shops, restaurants, etc. These floors require special protection and attention on a daily maintenance. Please consult us. Donwload cement tiles laying and protection guideDonwload cement tiles laying and protection guide