Encaustic cement tiles allow the combination of infinity of patterns and colours, that is why they are a fundamental choice in interior design. Totally customizable, the encaustic tiles allow you to express your creativity.

The MOSAIC del SUR ® factory manufactures and sells encaustic cement tiles and granito tiles. Encaustic cement tiles in STOCK – Buy Online for immediate shipping. MOSAIC offers online stock availability with more than 500 references and 15,000 m2 of encaustic cement and granito tiles. These will be delivered in 7 to 10 working days. The online stock shows an up to date selection of the most popular designs and colours including square, hexagonal and our random and colour dominant patchworks. Also included in our online stock are our new encaustic tiles in Hexa L and diamond shapes, along with our new embellished marbling and wavy lines finishes. The minimum order for encaustic cement tiles in stock is 1.8m2. Bespoke encaustic tiles – Online Simulator - create your own tiles. Our MOSAIC factory in Tangier will manufacture your tiles in 5 weeks. The Online Simulator will allow you to choose from 1,000 references, shapes and sizes, and colour them to your taste using our 72 cement colours and 10 marbled textures. You can visualize them in a 3D environment, create a virtual floor using patterned and plain tiles, and order online. We manufacture your personalised encaustic tiles with a minimum order of 3.6m2.