Showroom: London E2 7RG
106 Columbia Road

Sat: 10am / 6pm Sun: 10am / 3pm
Mon-Wed: 10am / 6pm

Customer service:
Tel: 0203_ 514 0483
Monday-Friday 9am / 6pm


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The MOSAIC DEL SUR ® Factory manufactures and commercialises decorative cement tiles, granito tiles (cement with marble or glass aggregates) and zellige glazed clay tiles.

In stock cement tiles – Buy online
12.000 m2 and 400 references.
Delivery in 7 to 10 working days.
Constantly renewed selection of encaustic and granito tiles in 20x20cm, hexagonal, random patchworks or dominant colour patchworks.

Bespoke tiles - Simulator
Production in 5 weeks
Create your personalised cement tile by combining colours and patterns with our online simulator. We will make your customised floor starting at 3.6 m2.

Mosaic del Sur Factory Mosaic del Sur Factory
Cement tiles